Starship Troopers: The Bug Wars

The story so far

In the Mobile Infantry everyone fights, nobody quiets, and everybody fights. But we all start somewhere, and for this story, our recruits began their days on Earth, in Camp Aurthur Currie in the northern Canadian sub arctic.

Boot Camp is not cruelly hard, it’s not needlessly hard, its hard to ease out those who shouldn’t be troopers, those who are not committed. While troopers can, and do die in training, our hero’s did not, and managed, with some trials and some pranks, to graduate boot into the Mobile Infantry.

Their first mission, and first assignment was to Seymour Strikers, a veteran platoon of apes. They were filling in gaps left behind from the first missions on Pluto. Pluto is a small colony and research outpost, and the bugs hit it hard the first time around. While on the surface the MI could push the bugs back, they always seemed to regroup underground, causing heavy causalities under the ice in their tunnels.

Our Hero’s first combat drop was almost their last, as they flew towards the frozen ball in their own private drop capsules they saw on their screens another platoon overrun, their LZ becoming nothing more then another platoons farm. Gritting their teeth and rallying behind their officer and sergeant they drove the remaining bugs off, and secured the LZ for reinforcements to land and set up the outpost. The outpost, Delta 04 would be their base of operations for this campaign.

From here, their missions varied, sometimes they drove speeders and escorted convoys, sometimes they were just on a bug hunt, closing bug holes, burning down any that thought they could mess with the Mobile Infantry. It was on one of these missions when the troopers entered the tunnels against SOP and discovered the transport bug. The transport bug proceeded to unload a massive number of warriors and worker bugs, replenishing the bugs ranks, as well as proving that the bugs were not native to Pluto.

After surviving a massive bug counter attack back at outpost Delta 04, the troopers were rotated off the front lines to a new colony world as part of its brand new Mobile Infantry Garrison. The troopers were some of the first to arrive and dug in outside of the main city. They were stationed there for some months before a meteorite changed their role.

After the impact, the troopers were sent to a nearby moon that was thought to be the source of the impact, upon arriving they discovered an ancient transportation devise and a massive forgotten guardian of a lost race. During their time there they discovered the remains of a ‘proto’ bug, or one of the first of its kinds, as well as clues that this race had modified the bugs, to give them intelligence as well as their own feral cunning. After their encounter, and report, they were sent to the outer systems, to investigate the true source of the meteorite, only to be stranded out in an asteroid belt, and on a asteroid populated with bugs.

Our Hero however, managed to ignite the bugs who propelled the rock, into the main system, facilitating their pickup, which came none too soon. All too soon they were putting down a revolt of religious fanatics on the southern contaminant, only to discover, in their absence, the bugs had over run the outer communities back at their base.

Rushing back they arrived in time to fight in the city with other MI platoons. Together, the troopers pushed the bugs back, surrendering each street only for a massive cost in bug lives, turning every block into a killing zone. They used their jump jets to good effect, moving from rooftop to roof top while other squads held the ground. In the end they held the core of the city, while some injures had occurred, Seymour Strikers didn’t buy an pieces of real estate.

After the mop up operation, the Strikers were rotated to R&R on Zeggama Beach. While this should have been an event less leave, a time of relaxation and rest, one trooper assaulted, and killed a police officer. He was stripped of his rank, his uniform and hung from the neck till dead. Dispirited, the platoon was assigned to the Road To Victory task force, along with six Mobile Infantry Divisions. [Of eight active divisions].

It was, during the RTV that the Strikers took a massive blow, first, a new replacement mis-dropped, his capsule landing behind bug lines, he was declared KIA after he encountered a warrior bug patrol near a bug hole. The platoon then fought its way into the tunnels, only to be ambushed, of the hero’s, only one would live, and that only through the massive efforts of the medic, who risked life and limb to save his life while the decimated remains of the platoon tried to fight off the bugs.

Shattered, the platoon was reinforced again by SICON with a fresh crop of recruits, our single remaining hero, Alexander Lee, earned a replacement hand then, as well as several massive scars. He was promoted to Lance Corporal, and once again the Strikes moved to continue on.

Several more missions were fought on the RTV, one of them, claiming the mobility of one First Lieutenant Seymour. Bereft a leader, the senior sergeant was promoted to acting second Lieutenant. This continued until the drop at big K.

Big K was a disaster, but, that is a tale for another time.

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