IFD Pyrenees

Dreadnought Class Warships


The dreadnought class was built, at great expense to destroy everything. The ships carry, some nine hundred nuclear tipped missiles, enough to crack open a planet to its molten core and utterly destroy it.

Typically crewed by two hundred and forty seven officers and crew, they can carry an entire regiment of Mobile Infantry, as well as their support armor and gear. The ship also contains sufficient docking space to conduct dry dock repairs on small ships, if the ships fighters and drop boats are moved out of launch positions.


Sadly, this ship, isn’t under SICON control. For reasons unknown, the Pyrenees took aboard a damaged research ship, which, unknown to the crew, housed a Artificial Life, or a Artificial Intelligence. The intelligence wasted no time in venting the air from the dreadnought, and making its self at home, creating workers by slaving cargo movers to its systems.

SICON, fearing the worse, began to assemble its fleet to hunt down the rouge ship, which turned up at the sight of the fall back position from the debacle that was Big K. Rather then continuing its assault on humanity, it requested, a squad of MI, and its promise not to assault any more SICON protected worlds. The ship, for reasons only know to it, was willing to work along side its creators for reasons only it knows.

IFD Pyrenees

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